Any colour you like!

There are now a bewildering range and array of colour and paint finishes on today’s motor cars. Whilst the more traditional colours, according to research, are silver, black and white, many motorists want their car finish to reflect their personality and lifestyle, which can cause problems when accident damage requires a re-paint!

The Autosupplies paint refinishing team are expert at matching any colour by using a combination of personal expertise and the latest cutting edge mixing and matching technology.  The seven member team create between 200 and 300 different mixes of paint each day serving largely independent bodyshops and small car dealerships.  Over time the team has been asked to match the paint and finish for practically every make and model of car, together with some that have gained classic car status in colours no longer used.

Autosupplies Paint Mixing Room

Identifying the formula for a particular colour is an art in itself and the Autosupplies paint experts have been asked in the past to match colours from scraps of paper, ice cream wrappers and even mobile phones.  One of the most important pieces of equipment for accurate and consistent colour matching is the spectrometer, which is used to analyse the paint on the bodywork of the car.  The machine is connected to an extensive computer database providing detailed information on a paint match, together with a percentage value indicating how close the match is.

Using the Spectrometer

A 98/99 percent match would be sufficient to provide a seamless colour. A 95 percent match is considered to be the lowest required for a metallic finish, whilst an 85 percent value is a good starting point for a solid paint finish.  Should the figure be below 80 percent a Autosupplies paint technician would refer to their extensive stock of colour chips for a more accurate colour match.

The dedicated Autosupplies paint team all have background and experience in the paint refinishing field.  They have developed an extensive network of refinishing suppliers from all of the leading paint manufacturers in the marketplace, including, Spies Hecker, Lechler, Prospray, Mipa, HMG, Shipley, Tetrosyl, Upol and Roberlo.