Many Motor Factors claim to be a one-stop shop for your needs

but Autosupplies arguably fits that description the best

Aconnex Online Ordering SystemNot only do we supply service items such as spark plugs, glow plugs, brake pads, clutches and oil, but also paint, body panels, heavy-duty workwear, cleaning fluids, tools and garage equipment.

David Clarke says

“We aim to supply anything a garage or customer buys, and I’ve looked at various retail models rather than other motor factors – to create the offering we have today”

Autosupplies ensures it only stocks original equipment tried and tested brands with a solid track record.  Those brands include Fram, First Line, Gates, LuK, Mintex, Lucas and NGK to name but a few.

The brands stocked at Autosupplies are always being reviewed to ensure they are abreast of the latest technology and developments.

David says

“I go out visiting customers and accompanying our sales force on a regular basis to hear what our customers have to say.  I’m especially keen to identify if Autosupplies has any weaknesses and the areas of business where we can improve.  It’s important I keep my feet firmly on the ground.  I am involved in the day to day running of the business and regularly speak to customers and suppliers.  At the end of the day Autosupplies customer feedback is essential in generating new ideas and further strengthening the business.”

Autosupplies Product Range